About the Association of Benedictine Retreat Centers

The Association of Benedictine Retreat Centers (ABRC) is an organization of approximately 20 member centers working together to foster the Benedictine charism in retreat ministry.  ABRC serves as a collaborative network for directors and staff of large conference centers and small spirituality centers alike. Among other key activities, the ABRC hosts a Biennial Symposium and sponsors a web site connecting guests to each of the member centers.  It serves as an on-line presence for those seeking to find God through a retreat in a monastic setting.

How Can ABRC Benefit Your Retreat Ministry?
  • Biennial conferences for directors and staff
  • Collaboration with other Benedictine retreat centers staff to—
  • foster Benedictine monastic spirituality in retreat programming and hospitality
  • network with others who speak a common language
  • vitalize your center’s ministry
  • find mutual support, new ideas and inspiration for ministry
  • Web directory with links to each member center

Read about the twenty year history of this organization and learn about the organizational structure and guidelines.

Dues (2 years) – $150
(Jan. 1, 2023– Dec. 31, 2024)
Download a renewal form here, or e-mail us.